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DTU Skylab – PERMA

    We met and interviewed the start-up PERMA about their company and their experience at DTU Skylab.

    CSE Accelerator – Recruitment Film

      For Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship we made a video meeting the founders of two start-ups currently undergoing the CSE Accelerator programme.

      Meat Tomorrow x DTU

        We met and interviewed the start-up Meat Tomorrow about their company and their experience at DTU Skylab.

        Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship – Alumni Promotion – Trailer

          This is the trailer for a video series we made in collaboration with CSE. We made a series of videos interviewing 6 CSE alumni, asking them about their experiences at CSE and how it affected them and their business. This aim of these videos is to raise awareness and to attract more applicants to the program.


            AIG hired us to develop a recruiting video for their LinkedIn advertising campaign. Their aim is to attract talent across the world to work in their Denmark branch. The challenging aspect of this film is that we shot it in just one go. Filming a video with no stops or breaks presents many obstacles. For example, the script might be misdelivered, an actor might slip up, the lighting might fail, a loud noise in the building might occur, and then you have to reshoot the entire thing. Thankfully, we successfully filmed this in just a few takes. This all came down to the production planning and execution.